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What does living like an Adventuress look like to our Customers?

Share your favorite Adventuress moment and tell us what your "can't live without" skin care product is. Email us at and be sure to include your address so we can send you some free samples.

Stephanie Cotton

Actress, Model

This is great, I came down to Florida on vacation and realized I forgot my favorite sunscreen. Then I remembered Michele gave me samples at a photoshoot...perfect. The product is great and I obviously really needed them! 

Lynsey Dyer

American Freestyle and Big Mountain Skier
Jackson, Wyoming

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the products! So innovative and clean!!! It's exactly what I've been looking for!

June Simon

Cincinnati, Ohio
Thank you so much for the new EnviroBalm samples.  I used it today for the first time.  I went for a long bike ride and afterwards I felt my face, it was soft and hydrated.  Thank you, I love it.

Susan Morris

bike4breastcancer, inc

Your products were a huge hit. We did have some left over and I wanted to let you know that we divided them up between the two hospitals. Each hospital has gift bags they provide to cancer surgery patients and we thought this would be a good way to utilize what was left. Thank you again for your support.

Debbie K. Small


I picked up my box today Thank you for including the facial wipes!! I was hot sweaty with rain clouds looming over head - I used a facial wipe instantly and was greatful to have it! it felt great - not soapy or drying like alchol based products. Good stuff" I like that there is no odor too. Great Job Michele ~ I have since tryed the moisturizer and its wonderful!!! soaked in instantly and I feel rose pedal soft, seriously nice. Many Thanks

Dottie Rankin


I have to tell you a little story, I had the Ladies of Harley meeting at my house and the collection was setting out begging to be noticed. I practically had to bar the doors to keep the ladies from stealing/borrowing it. The first thing I noticed was they absolutely love the case, it is not a hard case but yet sturdy enough for saddle bags. Lordy I thought they were going to tie me up and put me in the closet to get it. Like me, they loved the sunscreen wipes but were equally impressed with the facial wipes that are easily carried on their bikes. That was a good testimony for me because as lady riders it is hard for us to find products targeted to what is convenient and safe to carry. Then, after they decided they loved the case, sunscreen and facial wipes, it was time to let them try the other products, sigh. Planning our Chili Cookoff turned into Spa Day! It was actually great fun and a wonderful way for us to connect as women who love to ride

Annette Stout


Thank you so much for making skincare products that actually do what they say! On my recent trip to The Dragon Tail, I loved using my sample kit. The sunscreen kept me from the dreaded 'helmet tan', and the cleanser made me feel like a new woman after a day's ride. The sizes and the strength of the containers are so perfect for riding...I don't have to worry about them being squished or leaking, and the kit has enough space for my other overnight essentials. And the little cleansing's just perfect for a spruce up that leaves me refreshed & energized. I really appreciate the work put into these products, and the honesty in how you present them.

Christie Furiato

New Jersey

Michele, I Just wanted to reach out to you & let you know how much I love your products! My Husband bought me the starter kit for my birthday. It was funny actually.....he told me afterwards.....he had ordered the product a few weeks before my birthday then realized it never came & the big day was only a few days away. He made a phone call, left a voicemail & sure enough you called him back. He is still in awe of this, by the way! You got the kit to him just in time. I was so siked to try all these new products because I am really a product junkie. I have finally found a moistuerizer that actually moisturizes! My skin has really responed & I also love the skin purifier & envirobalm! I was riding my motorcycle the other day so I used the envirobalm for the first time. Definitly hooked! Thank you so much for responding to my husband so quickly. I will buy your products in the future not only because they work but also because of the way you run your business.

Susie Sellers

Colorado Springs

Hi Michele, Just wanted to let you know what a good friend Carolyn is to us both! She wanted to support your business so she sent me the Adventuress intro offer kit for my birthday in November. I have never been much into skin care or beauty products – just a shower, put on the helmet, and go kind of girl - but I gave your products a try.

Wow, I’m impressed! First of all, I noticed a difference right away – the stuff works. Secondly it is not hard to use – the dispensers are great. And most importantly, the lotion is not greasy so I feel like my skin can breathe. So I will be a regular customer.

Katie McKay

President and Founder

Recently myself and twelve friends from Florida went on what we have dubbed The Epic Ride. We visited several of the best mountain roads in the three states in one day (not counting flat Florida, of course). It was an amazing day of riding and camaraderie. This ride also solidified the fact that I must wear moisturizer, every time I get on the bike. The wind coming up under my helmet's shield dries out my skin terribly if left unprotected. On this trip I also discovered Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes, they are now another bit of gear I won't leave home without.

Wendy Bondi

Health and Safety
Ontario, Canada

Riding is something I always have loved to do and it really is my time without interruptions. I do love taking trips on the bike. I find it a challenge to pack lightly. So I find everything I need I buy in compact size.

Dawn Johnson

Founder, Lady Biker Day
East Jordan, Michigan

I have been riding since 2000 and I can honestly say that it was something I choose to pursue after my family was grown and away from home and yes a "grandmother" who wanted to experience the thrill of owning my own bike along with the freedom that you get when you climb on your bike for the first time."

"Don't forget that you are also at the mercy of nature by exposing your skin to the elements of the sun and wind. Overexposure to these elements can create dangerous health risks, so please think about how you can protect yourself as you are out enjoying your new found freedom.

Karen Zachary

Canada Border Services
Ontario, Canada

The singular most exhilarating experience I have had so far was riding the Blue Ridge Parkway through Tennessee last year with two of my girlfriends. We were up at 6,000 feet and there were nice sweeping curves and there was a light layer of cloud that float over the the road every once in a while. It was like driving through heaven!

I have to have both a day and night moisturizer and a good sunscreen. Those are the things I travel all the time with on the bike, mainly because I would like to protect and keep my skin nourished after exposing it to the elements all day.

Ingrid Williams

Free Spirit Chapter

Before I started riding, I was mostly in awe, or supremely JEALOUS of women who rode motorcycles. Women that ride are special, hot, fearless and plain exciting.

My "can't live without" skin care product is the best moisturizer out there! I don't wish to damage my skin; I don't like getting too dark. My skin must stay healthy so I use lots of sunblock!

Carla King

Motorcycle Misadventures
United States

I just moved from cool and foggy San Francisco to warm and sunny San Diego. I ride motorcycles, kayak, paddle board, hike, bike, and do yoga. Other than that, I'm very sedentary writing on my computer, LOL.

I met Michele at the Women & Motorcycling conference in Carson City in 2012, and have to admit that I kind of pooh poohed the idea of special skin care products for motorcyclists and active people. But here in San Diego, nothing has worked to keep me from getting sunburned. Then Adventuress came back on my radar, and I ordered the sunscreen. Hallelujah! No more sunburn and let me tell you, I have been on the stand up paddle board a lot, with the water reflecting the sun up, down, and around. And dirt-bike riding in deep sand, through water and mud, and sweating... a lot.

I also appreciate the natural ingredients. I take care to eat organic foods and avoid toxic household products and cosmetics, so it's great that harsh chemicals aren't used.

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