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  • Get a Grip. 10 Sports Where You Should Use Non-Greasy Sunscreen Swipes.
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Get a Grip. 10 Sports Where You Should Use Non-Greasy Sunscreen Swipes.

Non-Greasy Sunscreen

Is Sunscreen keeping you from performing your best?

Other sunscreen products are bulky, burn your eyes, stain your clothes, cause acne or leave with you with annoying Sunscreen Grease Fingers.

Of course, our customers enjoy using our Sunscreen Swipes to help them prevent a sunburn without the hassles of other sunscreen products; plus, the Swipes are compact, lightweight, and rub on easily.

Do Sunscreens leave you with a rash? Our products are Methylisothiazolinone free. Often contained in sunscreens, this synthetic biocide is known to cause rashes.

You don't even have to get your hands dirty while applying sunscreen with the Swipes.

Here are 10 Sports where our Sunscreen Swipes can help you stay on top of your game.

        1. Golf: Check your Grip. Here is an Article from Golf Magazine about our product.
        1. Tennis: Grip the Racket right. 
        1. Baseball: No gloves? No problem.
        1. Rugby & Football: Your team needs you. Don’t fail them with Sunscreen Grease Fingers.
        1. Climbing: Because your life depends on having a great grip.
        1. Biking: Don't slip. Maintain your Grip.
        1. Surfing: Don't look like a barney when taking the drop. 
        1. Hiking: Travel light. This is how you do it right.
        1. Running: Save space. Keep your pace. Here is an Article from Fitness Magazine about our product and its added convenience during a race.
        1. Basketball: Overcome Sunscreen Grease Fingers. Dribble your way to victory.

How have our Sunscreen Swipes helped you? We would love to hear your story in an email.

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  • ActivitiesFitnesshikingSportssunscreen swipes