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What to Wear Hiking: The Adventuress Style Guide

Humanity often encounters the wild on brief nature walks, but humanity does not often peer beyond the veneer and into the real depths of the wild. To get there, to move across and step out into the true wild, to begin a real adventure, you need to be prepared. After all, we are talking about the wilderness, and it is not looking out for you. It operates by its own laws regardless of your ambitions, hopes, and dreams.

There are many things that you need to do in order to prepare for your adventure. One of those of course, is determining what clothes you will wear. Women often take what they feel might be the most attractive clothing, or the most comfortable, but what is most comfortable and pretty may not be the most functional or protective.

Thankfully many outdoor clothiers are beginning to manufacture outdoor clothing that is not only functional but pretty, and comfortable.

Someone on a nature walk wears normal clothing however, someone on an adventure wears the right clothes to prepare them for that adventure. Women have a difficult time finding hiking clothes that are durable, affordable, functional, flattering, comfortable, and have the right fit.

Yet perhaps the one of the most important elements of a comfortable hike is the clothing that you are wearing. From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, a thoughtful examination of what you will be wearing on your next adventure can guarantee a comfortable one. 

To help inspire you we have put together a thoughtful list for each portion of the body that should help the Adventuress find the ideal clothing for a comfortable, and flattering summer or fall hike. 

The Hiking Outfit Curated for an Adventuress

Head – Hiking Hats and Hairstyles for the Adventuress

3 Beautiful Hiking Hairstyles

You may battle with heat and a lot annoying hair. Here are 3 hiking hairstyles that you can do to help keep you hair out of your face, stay cool, and be fantastic! 
Hiking Hairstyles Hiking Hairdo

3 Cute Hats for the Adventuress

If men’s hats are not for you and you want a cute hat that fits you, take a look at Here are 3 hats from them:

Adventuress Trucker Cap

Adventuress Helga Cap

Adventuress Dara Cap

Torso – 3 Practical & Pretty Hiking Shirts

The typical women’s shirt you will find at the store is not meant for hiking.  Unless you go to a store with athletic or outdoor wear, you will most likely not find the clothes you should be wearing on an adventure. 

Picking the right shirt

There are several aspects that are part of determining what the right shirt to wear is. Fit, of course, being the most important, but keep in mind that you may be carrying a large pack with straps that go over your shoulders; if you want to pack lighter see our article here.

Those straps will rub on everything, so even though a spaghetti strap shirt may sound cool, you can expect a very short hike thwarted by blisters on your shoulders. 

While they may be attractive, or cool, shirts that are very open do not protect you from the environment. Here are three shirts, that are both attractive, and provide with an adequate amount of protection.

3 Cute Shirts that fit, and offer protection from the environment   

Adventuress Hiking Shirt Womens Hiking Outfit Smartwool Hiking Shirt

Legs – Hiking Pants

With the exception of your feet and perhaps your arms, your legs will be performing the most movement on the hike.

Here are 3 options to keep cool, and protected from the environment:
The following Hiking Skirt, Hiking Pants, and Hiking Capris have been recommended by Kristin Hostetter in the most recent issue of Backpacker Magazine.
Hiking Skirt Hiking Pants for Women

Feet – Hiking Shoes and Socks

Your feet will be your greatest strength or your greatest weakness. Having the right shoes, and socks will revolutionize hour hike.


If you are headed off on a short hike, you might only need a good hiking shoe with the right waterproofing, grip, and support. For instance, the Salomon Ellipse GTX Women’s Hiking Shoe has these features and was highly rated: 

 hiking shoes for women


However, if you are headed off on a long distance hike you may need more support, insulation, protection, and waterproofing like the Salomon X Ultra Mid II GTX Hiking Shoe:

Backpacking shoe for women


First and foremost, we recommended that you carry extra pairs of socks. And extra pairs for your extra pairs. We found that if you change socks when your feet begin getting sore, it can help prevent blisters, plus fresh socks during a hike feels marvelous.

Generally, what is causing a blister is not your sock, but it is a wet sock that creates extra friction.
You can be prepared for this by carrying extra pairs of the socks below, and investing $2-$3 in sock liners. 
Hiking Socks Socks for women hiking
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