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Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier featured in Examiner

Beauty product launches for spring, Adventuress' Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier
March 1, 2013 - By Patti Pietschmann 

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like spring in Los Angeles. Already this morning the thermometer has hit 80 and we’re loving it. So maybe now’s a good time to remind all beauty geeks it’s time to clean out your skin, just like you do you house or closet when the weather warms up.

And, your LA Beauty Products Examiner found the perfect product to help get your started. It’s called Adventuress’ Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier, an all-natural serum packed with micronutrients to restore skin’s youthful radiance, hydrate, unblock pores and firm skin using the power of quince seed and other naturally occurring fruit and plant extracts.

Additional Features & Benefits

Decongests environmentally stressed skin.
Reduces breakouts with micronutrients that replenish skin cells'
An airless dispenser keeps out contaminants.
Fragrance free and paraben free.

Use it daily, after cleansing by gently apply to dry skin and décolleté. Allow the serum to fully absorb.

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