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Our Products Featured by Style Goes Strong

Beauty Skin Care Products for Busy Women
The busy woman's skin care - great for travel and hot flashes too

Original Article: Gerit Quealy - December 9, 2012

There are several kinds of busy — and you may know all of them. It seems as if everyone is playing the 'who's busier?' game these days, but ultimately busy is as busy does.

But that doesn't mean that you should give your beauty skin care routine short shrift. Especially certain aspects of a smart skin care routine — namely sunscreen.

Plus, you know the old saying, 'If you want something done, ask a busy person...'

So, let's look at some easy ways to slip in a little self care / health care / skin care.

The categories are:

I'd rather be hiking

I hear you, but skipping skin care is still not a good idea. In fact, Adventuress skin care was created for women like you. Outdoors enthusiast Michele Carter founded the beauty company Adventuress after years of seeing how harsh winds and weather can wreak havoc on your skin. With the little Adventuress skin packets, you can take sunscreen and facial wipes with you in the smallest pocket.

"City sidewalks, busy sidewalks..."

facial wipe

Holiday cheer notwithstanding, the season can be rife with rushing around. From a side purse pocket, slip out  the Adventuress facial wipe (upper left) for a quick refresher, and a single sunscreen pad (lower right) because even a cloudy day has UV damage in store for you.

sunscreen pad

You're traveling

Adventuress facial wipe packets easily slip into a pocket. Great for on-plane dryness or if you want to look refreshed when you arrive.

Another boon: Boots Expert Instant Matte, a little miracle in a tiny bottle — this stuff keeps you from looking hot and bothered, even if you are. Boots Expert Shine Control blotting papers also absorb excess moisture — it sounds old-fashioned, but they work (I was surprised too).

You're having a hot flash

Adventuress facial wipes to the rescue, as well as Boots Expert Instant Matte and the Boots Expert Shine Control papers — especially helpful if you're in a professional situation or a holiday party.

Adventuress offers anti-aging, sun protection and targeted skin hydration with solid science behind it, not to mention some savvy ingredients like aloe vera, evening primrose oil, and botswellia bark.

Boots is a UK company perfectly poised to give Victorian era solutions a 21st century edge — thankfully, they moved over here a few years ago.

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