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Product Review by Fit Globetrotter

On the Seventh Day…Adventuress
November 20, 2012 By Dena R

What I really like about Adventuress is the use of natural ingredients like the Boswellian bark tears in the cleanser to soothe skin, or the extracts of quince, willow bark and orange in the skin purifier. My favorite product is the High Performance Sunscreen.

Quality sunscreen isn’t easy to find in travel size and this one is water-resistant, 30 SPF and lightweight.

Please note: the High Performance Sunscreen is now called 'Sunscreen Swipes'

Join FitGlobetrotter for the next 12 days as we highlight some of the best gifts for intrepid travelers looking for the best in wellness travel. Today it’s the best travel skincare for active travelers.

Could there be a better beauty product for a fitglobetrotter than Adventuress a new skin care line designed by outdoor enthusiast and motorcyclist Michele Carter?

Anyone who does a lot of soft adventure sports knows that the elements like wind, heat, humidity and dryness effect skin. The Adventuress collection uses natural ingredients to protect a fitglobetrotter’s skin.

There are seven items in the line and the Intro Offer Collection that comes in a light-weight attractive case designed to fit into a backpack, gym bag or saddlebag is a great introduction to the brand. All of the products are also small enough for carry-on luggage when traveling by air.

Are you traveling for the first time? Or are you trying to find ways to make your next trip more enjoyable?

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