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  • Fox News Recommends Our Skin Care To-Go Kit
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Fox News Recommends Our Skin Care To-Go Kit

Gifts for the jet-setting traveler
By Lindsay Carlton | Published December 20, 2012 |

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Adventuress Skincare To-go kit: Packed in a travel-friendly case, Adventuress Skin Care’s to-go kit has everything you need for your next traveling adventure. This on-the-go skin regime includes naturally liberating cleanser, restorative skin purifier, nourishing moisturizer, high performance sunscreen and refreshing facial wipes. “The Adventuress skin care to go kit is a great gift for women who are always on the go but who care about their skin and appearance. It includes all the necessary skin products to keep you looking young and healthy while you tend to your busy jet setting life,” Abbamonte said. All the beautifying products come in travel-sizes so you can bring them wherever you go. $85 | Available at

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