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  • Dr. Pam Graves – Changing the World One Animal at a Time.
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Dr. Pam Graves – Changing the World One Animal at a Time.

Women are remarkable. 
Women see a need and strive to fill the gap. 

Working to overcome injustice, obliterating the inhumane treatment of those unable to protect themselves and giving a voice to those who have none, are things that women around the world do every day.   

These women are the epitome of the Adventuress spirit and we applaud their efforts. They make the world a better place.

Dr. Pam Graves is one of these amazing Adventuress women.

Dr. Graves is the founder of Second Chance Ranch and Rescue, Inc. (SCRR) in Boyne City, Mi whose guiding principle is that every animal deserves a second chance. 

SCRR is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of large animals and because Dr. Graves is a veterinarian, her organization is asked to take the “worst of the worst”.   Receiving calls from Animal Control Offices around the state regarding severely malnourished and neglected animals is commonplace for this organization.

Since receiving their 501C3 status in 2010 Dr. Graves’ and her organization have taken in 28 horses, 2 pigs, 1 goat and 1 sheep.  Upon each animal’s arrival, Dr. Graves gives them a thorough evaluation to determine if they are experiencing pain and to gauge their future quality of life. It should be noted that Second Chance Ranch and Rescue is not a humane society nor are they a “no kill” organization due to the unfortunate truth that not all animals can be saved. 

Dr. Graves has the all important task of determining which animals have painful, incurable medical conditions or have emotional and social issues that make them a danger to humans or other animals and those animals are humanely euthanized.  Please note that SCRR only accepts animals that it has the resources to support and does not euthanize due to overcrowding.

Once the animals that have been taken in by Second Chance Ranch and Rescue have been nursed back to physical health, the focus turns to retraining the animals, providing lots of love and affection and finding them a forever home. 

Currently, Second Chance Ranch and Rescue is run on Dr. Graves’ property where she has four stalls and one acre fenced.  SCRR has the capacity for 6-8 horses on site, have a network of foster homes and have access to local stables for emergency back-up. In the future, if dreams were to come true, SCRR would like to have 40-80 acres with multiple enclosures and multiple barns to enable them to serve more animals.

The animals at Second Chance Ranch and Rescue are in incredibly dedicated and loving hands.

Dr. Graves knew at an early age that she would be a veterinarian. 

She was a dog owner at the age of three and by nine years of age was negotiating with her parents to build a kennel in the back yard so she could bring home every stray she encountered.  As she grew, her commitment to animals continued to strengthen. In high school, she worked part-time for a veterinarian who greatly influenced how she views her role.  Today Dr. Graves’ stresses owner education and ultimate respect for animals.

At Adventuress, we are in awe of Dr. Graves’ dedication to animals and highlight her efforts here with the hope that you will help us spread her message of animal responsibility. 

Dr. Graves asks that each of us educate ourselves on how to properly care for animals and support animal caretakers that may have taken on more than they can handle. 

She urges us to be the “eyes and ears” of our communities so that no animal is treated unfairly. Dr. Graves’ ultimate goal would be that her organization no longer be needed – she would happily close the doors if all animals were safe and well cared for.

If you find yourself called to help support Dr. Pam Graves and Second Chance Ranch and Rescue please visit or follow them on facebook to learn more.

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