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The moment she stepped onto a snowboard at 15, Hannah was hooked. But this little Adventuress didn’t just gingerly make her way down hill – from the start she was pushing limits and keeping up with the boys who had taught her even though they’d been riding for years.

As it turns out, it wasn’t enough for Hannah. She started to seek her thrills off the slopes as well. Her repertoire – and love for the outdoors – rapidly expanded to include dirt bike riding. Then hunting. Then open-woods paint balling. Then rock climbing. And more activities that most can’t believe one person can excel at in one lifetime. But even with all that, the snowboarding never stopped.

After moving back to Wisconsin from a Pennsylvania massage therapy school, Hannah started competing in boarder cross – a rugged downhill event that requires strength, balance, skill and a desire to race head-to-head with other daredevils. Ever since, the gold medals have been piling up.

In April of 2012, Hannah was ranked #1 in her division of the USASA as she headed to Copper Mountain, Colorado for Nationals. And Adventuress Skin Care jumped on board as one of her sponsors, riding with her to an impressive fourth place finish. Because we’re proud to be associated with remarkable women just like her who capture the spirit and essence of the Adventuress brand in all they do.

When she’s zipping down hills at breakneck speeds Hannah counts on all of her equipment, including the kind of protection from abrasive elements that Adventuress Skin Care provides. But even off the course she appreciates the fact that our products are all natural and fragrance free because, as owner and operator of a massage therapy business, she understands the importance of trusting what’s in the things we put on our skin.

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