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  • Overcoming Fear.
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Overcoming Fear.

It’s not every day that an avid rock climber of 20 years admits she started in the sport with a healthy fear of heights. But that’s precisely how our featured Adventuress Dawn began…barely able to stand at the edge of a cliff.

Of course, it was the ultimate challenge of overcoming her fear that pushed Dawn headlong into the climbing world. There she found a belief in her own abilities, trust in those around her and a whole new level of confidence: the kind of confidence that once allowed her to spend the night camping on a Portaledge suspended 500 feet off the ground.

From City Rocks, Idaho where Dawn first learned to anchor her own gear, to picturesque Moab, Utah, to the Needles in Custer State Park, South Dakota, she's embraced the mental and physical rigors of climbing. And preparation is her key for the demands the ascent puts on her body and equipment, as well as the brutal elements that come with hours of exposure to searing sun and anything else a mountain can throw her way.

With both feet firmly on the ground Dawn does anything but give her body, or her skin, much of a break. She’s been a serious runner since high school (completing the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in 2011) and loves riding everything on two wheels as often as she can, from her mountain and road bikes to her Honda CB350.

While she enjoys her day job as a grant writer and researcher for a tech college, it’s clear Dawn’s happiness is directly proportional to her time outdoors pushing limits. Next stop? Someday she hopes to see the top of Devil’s Tower – a sheer-faced national monument that juts nearly one mile high into the Wyoming sky. We hope you get there soon, Dawn. Just remember to take your Adventuress Skin Care and a camera, because you won’t catch us up there.

Do you know of any blog-worthy adventuresses out there, who are seeking a challenge and look good doing so? Tell us about it in the comments!

  • ActivitiesAdventuressInspirationsLifestyleSpiritSports