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  • Water Sports You May Not Know (And May Want to Try!)
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Water Sports You May Not Know (And May Want to Try!)

Generally speaking, our Adventuresses know their water sports.  From synchronized swimming to rowing, we have Adventuresses in just about every water sport there is.  However, if you thought jumping from the high dive was the most adventurous thing you could do in or on the water, think again!  We dug up some of the most wild and weird water sports known to (wo)man.

Flowboarding is a type of bodyboarding.  But, this bodyboarding doesn’t take place out in open water.  Instead, flowboarders ride generated sheet waves, which are only three inches in depth.  The waves shoot out from a generator at about twenty to thirty miles per hour.  Though space for a flowboarder is quite limited, the tricks they can perform on these mini-waves are quite impressive!

The Modern Pentathlon
If you thought a marathon was tough, think again. Okay, yes, a marathon is tough, but have you heard of the modern pentathlon?  This competition is only partially a water sport.  Competitors go through five events: pistol shooting, fencing, a 200-meter freestyle swim, show jumping (yes, on a horse), and then a 3 kilometer cross-country run.  The modern pentathlon made its grand debut at the 1912 Olympics.  However, women didn’t join this sport until the 2000 Olympics.

Sit-Down Hydrofoil
This is definitely the craziest water sport we know of.  Essentially, hydrofoilers sit on a board with front and rear hydrofoil wings that rise above the water as the board and athlete are towed by a boat.  There’s very little contact with the water because of how the wings lift the athlete up over the surface.  This video might help you get a better picture!

As with any water sport, make sure to use the best facial moisturizer you can find in order to protect your skin!  And, of course, remember your sunscreen lotion!

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