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  • Phoenix is a true Adventuress – like all of us!
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Phoenix is a true Adventuress – like all of us!

Women Sailing

The Adventuress Team is pleased to announce the winner of our recent drawing; Phoenix from California!

Led by her grandmother’s example as a strong, intelligent, witty and independent woman, Phoenix was born with a questioning and adventurous nature. Like her grandma, whose last great adventure was a spontaneous trip to Asia, Phoenix loves to travel and has a strong connection to the outdoors.    She is passionate about sailing, boating, swimming and all activities that get her on or in the water!  She is as comfortable on land as at sea and spends much of her time hiking, camping and trekking through the wild to find new vistas – forests, mountains, rivers and waterfalls.

Phoenix is also passionate about some of the “simpler’ aspects of life.  Her friends and family are the center of her world and she has a soft spot in her heart for special needs animals.  She is involved in providing self-defense training for women and girls and spends much of her time writing, dancing and playing music.

Skin care is of utmost importance to Phoenix.  Her preference is for products made of natural ingredients and she likes to support smaller businesses that share her values.  With our plant-based, paraben-free products we are a good fit and are thrilled that Phoenix has added the Adventuress skin care line to her repertoire!

  • AdventuressInspirationsLifestyleSailing