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  • A True Adventuress: Rock Climber Beth Rodden
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A True Adventuress: Rock Climber Beth Rodden

Beth Rodden embodies the Adventuress spirit through and through.  From setting world records on sheer mountain cliffs to coming out of a terrorist hostage situation in Kyrgyzstan, Rodden has lived quite the Adventuress life!  Not only is she an inspiration to rock climbers everywhere, but she’s come through difficult situations that would have defeated most people.

Record-Setting Climber
In 1998, at the young age of 18, Beth Rodden became the first female to redpoint a 5.14 climb in America.  She performed her magic on To Bolt or Not to Be at Smith Rock in Oregon.  If you’re wondering what exactly those terms mean, prepare to be impressed!

‘Redpointing’ is a term used for free-climbing.  When free-climbing, there’s nothing to help a climber get up the rock face.  The climber will wear a harness and use ropes to catch herself if she falls.  But, otherwise there’s very little protection, and nothing to help her up!

As for the rating of To Bolt or Not to Be, 5.14 is no walk in the park.  A 5.14 climb is the most difficult (read: steep) form of climb to have ever been graded!  The fact that Beth Rodden completed these feats at the age of 18 makes her a true adventuress.

Strength in the Face of Danger
Most people who know of Beth Rodden are familiar with her for having endured six days as a hostage in Kyrgyzstan in 2000.  Climbing in the Kara Su Valley, they were taken hostage, and finally escaped after four of the guards left, and the remaining one was overpowered.  After recovering, she returned at the top of her climbing game 21 months later in May 2002.

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