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  • Hydration is Key for Skin Health, Too!
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Hydration is Key for Skin Health, Too!

Hydrate Skin

Last week, we briefly mentioned that proper hydration will help with most all of your skin problems. 

We glossed over the point, failing to really mention just how important proper hydration really is.  From helping your mind think with more clarity to preventing unhealthy food cravings, the more water you drink, the better off you are! 

It should come as no surprise that your skin could reap a few benefits, too! 

Hydration helps prevent wrinkling.  Studies have shown that as you age, the genes that help your skin retain water become less active, leading to wrinkles.  While a certain amount of wrinkling is inevitable (there’s no cure for age after all!), drinking plenty of water helps out those cells that don’t retain water like they used to! 

Also, don’t forget the best facial moisturizer we’ve created yet, which is popularly used as an anti-wrinkle cream.

Hydration also reduces dark circles.  Dark circles appear under your eyes because of poor nutrition and dehydration.  If you’re bothered by these circles under your eye, the solution might not be as complicated as you think.  Try carrying a water bottle with you everywhere you go for at least a week this July, and see if you notice any changes under your eyes as you continually hydrate!

Last Tips…

Many experts suggest that you increase your fruit and vegetable intake in order to stay hydrated.  Fruits and vegetables retain a lot of water, and they distribute the water at a more even rate than drinking water, increasing your hydration!  Of course, no amount of watermelon is a substitute for H2O!

Remember, as wonderful as our products are, they work best when you’re taking care of your skin with proper hydration.  No product will cover up or repair skin that’s not being fully hydrated!  Remember to stay hydrated, and keep using that sunscreen lotion this summer!

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