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Susie loves to take on a challenge. In fact, Susie loves to do just about anything as long as it involves being outside and physically pushing herself as far as she can go. Because if there’s one thing Susie doesn’t do, it’s sit still.

From kayaking, tennis and volleyball, to biking, swimming and running (including the Boston Marathon in 2011), she’s taken to adventure and competition all her life like a duck to water. In fact, for a stretch of nearly 15 years water played a significant role in Susie’s world as she took on triathlons, training for the rugged three-part race in the blazing sun and drenched in unrelenting Midwest summer conditions for hours at a time. Of course it all paid off, having won or placed near the top of her bracket multiple times.

When she’s not trying to go faster, longer or pushing to better her best, Susie works as a nurse where she regularly sees the affects of the elements we all face on skin that isn’t properly protected or nourished. So she knows firsthand how important it is to have a collection of naturally derived products like Adventuress in her go bag, whether you’re conquering a race or just running errands.

What some people might consider extreme, Susie considers routine. One that she shares with her family that includes two children ( 6 and 8 ) who she also regularly helps, encourages and occasionally coaches in some of their favorite outdoor activities. Now that’s a well-rounded Adventuress if we’ve ever seen one.

Do you know of any blog-worthy adventuresses out there, who are seeking a challenge and look good doing so? Tell us about it in the comments!

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