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How to Dress for a Hike Like an Adventuress


Adventuress hiking leaves the Boy Scouts in the dust. 

It’s a sport that is due a little more credit than it actually receives.  To climb 5,000 feet of elevation on uneven terrain while carrying a 40-pound backpack is no easy feat! 

However, the exhilaration provided by a long day of 10 or 15 miles spent hiking brings rewards of its own.

From the stunning views to the trail food, we love getting into the woods for an afternoon or a weekend.  Having run into some different situations on the trail, we’d like to share a few things about clothing that we’ve learned along the way!

Clothing is key! 

For summertime, wear polypropylene next to your body.  This material will keep moisture off your skin.  Beyond that, wear fabrics that are light, breathable, and comfortable.

Make sure you carry a poncho or some type of rain gear in your pack, especially if your outing is for more than an afternoon.  There’s nothing worse than getting soaked midway through your hike.  Most hikers prefer rain jackets to ponchos for being more breathable.  When hiking in humid weather, a poncho can get almost as wet on the inside because it traps your body heat!

Hiking boots are one of the essential items. 

If you’re carrying a load on your back or if you’re hiking some rough terrain, be sure to get a boot with ankle support.  Otherwise, you can get away wearing a low-cut shoe with good tread.

Take plenty of sunscreen lotion. 

Even when you’re hiking under a lot of tree cover, you can still get burned.  Along with that, don’t forget to pick up some of the best facial moisturizers you can find! 

Take care to protect your skin as you enjoy the wonders of nature, and you’ll be hiking like a true Adventuress!

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