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  • City Cycling: Adventuress Thrill Ride!
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City Cycling: Adventuress Thrill Ride!

City Biking

As much as we love the full throttle power of motorcycles, we’ve got to hand it to the cyclists out there, spinning mile after mile under their narrow bicycle tires.  For many city bikers, part of the thrill of the sport is being on the road with all of the cars.

Ask anyone who commutes to their job on a bike, and they’re sure to have a few near-death experience stories for you.  Cruising the city streets at 25 miles per hour, oftentimes moving faster than the cars around you, can be quite the thrill ride!

City biking combines exercise adrenaline with a little bit of risk for a result of pure exhilaration!

Because biking in the city can be a little dangerous (though fun!), we want to highlight a few pieces of wisdom we’ve gathered on how you can stay safe in the city, and remain an active Adventuress for many years to come!

• Wear a helmet!  Of course, this has to be first, right?  You might have heard an argument that goes like this: “Drivers feel like they can be more careless when they see a biker wearing a helmet, so you shouldn’t wear one.  That way drivers will be more careful around you.”  Baloney.  Don’t listen to this reasoning.  Wear a helmet; it just might save your life!

• Make sure that you and your bike have plenty of reflective gear.  Visibility is essential to safe biking.  When you’re seen, you’re less likely to be hit.  The more lights and reflectors on your bicycle and clothing, the better.  Wearing bright colors also helps!

• Practice safe riding.  Simply put, pretend you’re a car, and follow all of the traffic laws you would follow if you were behind a steering wheel.

Don’t forget to use plenty of sunscreen lotion in the summertime.  Also, pick up some of the best facial moisturizer money can buy (at a good price, too!) so your skin will love you as much as you love the road!

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