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Chlorine: A Poolside Menace


Summer has arrived and you are all set up next to the pool.  You take a sip of that frozen drink you are holding and sit back to enjoy some rays.  Temperatures seem to be rising on the pool deck so you get up and slide into the pool to take a dip and cool off.

This is nothing abnormal, and sounds extremely refreshing!  But, do you ever take a second to stop and think just exactly what it is that you are dipping your skin into?  Don’t get me wrong, pools are great, but that chlorine that is inserted into the water to keep pesky germs away has some side affects to it that can cause harm to your skin.

Did you know that chlorine can cause lines and wrinkles in your skin?  After swimming, does your skin ever feel dry?  Again, another side effect of chlorine after it has robbed your skin of its natural moisturizing oils.

Chlorine is around us in nearly every bit of water that we find ourselves coming into contact with, and that has in some way, shape, or form been delivered to us.  There is chlorine in our drinking water and in the water that we shower in.  So, with this poolside menace everywhere around us how do we deal with it?

Like with most things, preventative action is always the best cure.  Ensuring that you have the proper body and facial moisturizers, as well as a skin restorative product, will help you on your way to protecting your skin.  Since you will be outside and in the sun when at the pool – also, remember to bring along a high performance sunscreen to protect you and your skin when you are not battling the chlorine.  There are lots of battles to be fought but an Adventuress is prepared for any situation.

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