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The Harsh Truth of Chapped Skin

Chapped Skin Solution

Chapped skin is not only physically annoying—it’s also unpleasant to the eye.  The formation of fissures and/or cracks on your skin is often caused by dry skin coming into contact with wind and cold.  This mixture is a formulation for disaster to your face – causing pain and sometimes long lasting effects.

Other causes of chapped skin include dry air, excessive hand washing, and long showers.  Because every Adventuress enjoys taking advantage of the great outdoors, this drying out of the skin, if not properly dealt with, combined with the elements outside can also cause irritable chapping.

The repeated abuse to your skin from such occasions can have long lasting impacts on your skin.  The skin around your face is sensitive, and it is up to you to ensure that you are taking care of it.  Chapped skin can be prevented but it is left to us to fight the battle head on and stop chapping before it starts.

Here are a few good habits to utilize:

Use a mild soap – don’t use something that is literally ripping the moisture right from your skin.  If you can immediately feel the dryness after using a particular soap then it is probably too strong.

Shorten those steamy showers – yes, they feel great after a long run but they are drying your skin out.  These simple pleasures can be more damaging than they are worth when indulged in too much.

Moisturize your skin – Having the best facial moisturizer available is a must.  And it’s not just about having it available to use once in awhile; daily regular use is best.  You are running your body literally through the ringer each and every day – take care of it.

These are just a few basic, simple, yet effective methods to preventing chapped skin.  Don’t let yourself get caught out in the cold, wind or rain without having taken the proper precautions – your skin will thank you.

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