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  • 5 Items Every Adventuress Needs to Enjoy This Sunny Weather
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5 Items Every Adventuress Needs to Enjoy This Sunny Weather

When the seasons change and the flowers have bloomed, every true adventuress must prepare themselves for getting out in the sun and enjoying the amazing weather. With this in mind there are five key items that every adventuress must have on hand and easily accessible – you never know when the urge to get out and enjoy the weather may come calling your name.

Here are your essentials:

• Running Shoes – it is pretty likely that a sunny day will find you walking out of work and eager to immediately go for a walk, jog, or run. Heels and flip flops won’t get the job done so be prepared.

• Athletic Attire – keeping a simple pair of running shorts and a shirt handy does not take up much space. After changing into your running shoes, you don’t want to be stuck jogging in your work pants.

• Portable Water Source – keeping yourself hydrated will keep you feeling great while the sun is beating down. A simple water bottle will do but there are better choices that we will get to in just a second.

• Sun Protection – to protect yourself from the sun, you will most definitely want to load up on our (YouVee’s) Sunscreen Swipes that are easily applied, naturally derived, and fit right in your pocket.

• Get-A-Way-Bag – what is this you say? This is what you store the rest of your supplies in. Preferably a small backpack style bag that includes a water bladder (Portable Water Source). Your shoes, athletic attire, and sunscreen wipes will all fit snugly into this little pack.

Keep your stocked Get-A-Way-Bag tucked away in your vehicle and you will be ready to enjoy time in the sun at a moment’s notice. Share the idea with your friends and you will undoubtedly be starting a trend; and remember – it’s the trend-setting Adventuress that gets to choose the activities.

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