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The Adventuress On The Run

Jogging Woman

Jogging and running have quickly become a popular pastime for the Adventuress looking to stay fit and prepared for their next big adventure. With spring on the way out and summer right around the corner, it’s a great time to pick up healthy habits that get you outside and keep you moving. Jogging is a great way to build lower body strength, increase your overall stamina, and most importantly, score a little time out of your hectic day all to yourself! Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you’re out jogging.

• Jogging is a great place to think! If you’ve ever had an unsuccessful brainstorming session at work, it’s likely because you were sitting in an office. Studies have shown that our brains are most active while we’re active and occupying ourselves. This explains why it’s common to have those much-needed “ah-hah!” moments in the shower, of all places: you’re up and active, but you’re engaged in something physical as well.

• Jogging and nature go perfect together: If you’re near a local park, wilderness preserve or just happen to have expansive access to your local woods and forested areas, look for walking and jogging paths that take you out into the wilderness. Natural ground absorbs heat and light, keeping you cooler and more comfortable on your jog.

Even if you’re jogging under thick tree cover, the sun will still get through. Even on cloudy days the sun can still be a hazard, so be sure to apply sunscreen lotion. Lucky for you, you’ve got access to the best facial moisturizer this side of the Sahara Desert, so you can beat the elements on your jogs and look great doing it.

For suggestions on what to wear on your jogs, check out our post about activewear. Adventuresses,

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