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  • Adventuress On The Field: Mia Hamm
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Adventuress On The Field: Mia Hamm

Mia Hamm

Born in Selma, Alabama, Mia Hamm has become one of the most storied names in soccer worldwide. She has scored more international goals than any other American soccer player in the history of the sport, whether it be male or female. She enjoyed incredible acclaim during her time as a striker on the US women's team, and led the team to a number of great successes during her tenure.

Mia Hamm has acted as an inspiration for thousands of girls and women across the world when it comes to getting involved in sport. She is also currently considered one of the 100 best living players of soccer, according to international great Pele.

She has been retired from the sport since 2004, but still continues to be an incredible influence in the sport of soccer. She was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame with 137 votes out of 147 - a ratio so high it is almost unheard of.

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