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Go Adventuring - With a Group!

Women Hiking

There are many different ways to be an Adventuress. Some of us like to take to the roads with nothing but a motorcycle and miles of pavement. Perhaps you'd rather get on a boat and see what the seven seas have to offer. Perhaps you like to climb mountains, hike trails, or go to countries that most Westerners wouldn't have any idea how to pronounce.

Some women like to travel alone. There is definitely a certain thrill in going solo, for sure - complete freedom of movement and desire. However, there might be some adventuresses who prefer to travel in packs. This doesn't indicate a lack of constitution - frankly, a bike gang seems to be a group of people, and most of the time the word "bike gang" is not synonymous with "weak" - and if you simply prefer to travel while in the company of others, there are great groups available for you to adventure with.

If you happen to be in the prime of your life, check out Adventure Women. This is a group meant primarily for women between the ages of 35-65 years old, who are ready to hit exotic countries running with like-minded women. The group was founded back in 1982, and many people were more than a little skeptical. However, like any true adventurer, Adventure Women stuck with it, and now they are celebrating their thirtieth year of adventuring.

There is always more than one way to start on that perfect adventure. And if your idea of an adventure involves a posse, there's ways to make that happen. No matter whether your style is solo or with company, make sure that you remember your all-purpose moisturizer and sunscreen lotion! We hear that the sun can get brutal in far off, exotic destinations. Let us know in the comments about your particular favorite place to adventure - if you could go anywhere, and have any sort of adventure, where would you to go make it happen?

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