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10 Surprising Facts That You Didn't Know About Moisturizers


You and many others apply moisturizers every day. Yet, how much do you know about moisturizers? We think we found some interesting information(1-6)…if you just happened to be curious, or if you wanted to find some practical ways to use moisturizer(7-10) 

1. What was the First Moisturizer?

According to Archeologists, moisturizers entered the scene around 10,000 BC. Prior to this in 35,000 BC the wheel was invented, by people with dry hands. Geography determined the type of moisturizer that a culture used.

So really, there was not a “first moisturizer” but cultures suddenly began using what they could, in order to make moisturizers. 

2. The various moisturizer ingredients used centuries ago:

What was used often varied, some cultures used oils, like olive oil, while others used animal or plant based fats.

The Witch Hazel found in our Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes was first utilized by Ponds Cream in 1846. While the Petroleum Jelly used in Vaseline was invented in 1872. It is said that the inventor Robert Chesebrough found oil field workers using a thick jelly on their wounds. Soon afterward, he invented Vaseline. 

Other moisturizer ingredients throughout the centuries include, but are probably not limited to: honey, bread, egg white, vinegar, ginger, vermillion(which has traces of mercury), old wine and lard, milk, castor oil, pig fat, strawberries, and benzopyrene.

3. The first known death possibly caused by over-moisturizing…with benzopyrene:

We will probably need to reserve a separate blog post about the first woman Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Both for becoming the first female Pharaoh(it has been said that she wore a fake beard), and because it appears that she used enough moisturizer to kill herself.

That moisturizer she used contained a very dangerous chemical called Benzopyrene. She was using it for her eczema. Through overuse,  she only reigned on the throne for a modest 15 years.

Benzopyrene contains high levels of carcinogens, hence why it is so dangerous.

4. Do moisturizers cause Skin Cancer?

In the case of Hatshepsut we see that un-natural moisturizers can have deadly side-effects. Yet can our modern products cause cancer? A well-known study in 2008 had shown that some moisturizers could potentially cause cancer, at least in mice. Mice of course, have a skin much different than human skin, so the results are inconclusive.

Really the best thing you could do prior to purchasing a moisturizer is finding out what is really in it. That is why we provide you with the ingredients for each of our products in our Collection.

Our Science page also reviews the natural ingredients that go into our products.

5. 85% of Moisturizers contain parabens to prevent bacteria growth. Parabens may cause cancer.

If the product you are using contains methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben, it has parabens. 

Parabens are known to affect estrogen levels, and according to research, when an influx of estrogen occurs, cell division has been known increase, in conjunction with tumors.

“CSC cites a 2004 British study that detected traces of five parabens in the breast tumors of 19 out of 20 women studied.” – Scientific American 

If you are looking for paraben free products, you may want to take a look at our recent blog post here.

6. Your skin care products may be making you feel sick.

Your skin is your largest organ. When you topically apply skin care products, the chemicals in that product will reach your blood stream faster than the nutrients in your food. Before starting your diet, take a look at your skin care products. 


If you feel sick, it may not be what you are eating, it may be what you are applying.



7. Waiting until your skin is dry to apply moisturizer, may keep your skin dry.

Moisturizer is meant to help preserve your skin's moisture. If your skin is dry when you apply moisturizer there isn’t very much moisture to envelope. So, apply moisturizer to your skin when it is damp, to help preserve the moisture.

8. Different areas of your body may respond better to different moisturizers.

Your body has varying levels of moisture. One type of moisturizer may not solve all of your problems or one area on your body may get too much moisture while another does not get enough. So keep an eye out for dry spots as that may be a sign that you need a different type of moisturizer.

9. Applying Moisturizer the wrong way can cause you to look older.

Start from the bottom, and move upwards. Skin sags, and if you are applying moisturizer in a downward motion you can tug on the skin, which can lead to sagging skin. 


Also, be sure to apply it gently.


10. Having oily skin does not always mean that you can skip moisturizing.

Your skin may overproduce its own oils to help replenish the moisture it is missing. Instead, you can use an oil free moisturizer like our Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer that doesn’t contain oils to help maintain your skin's moisture.


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Prepare for Dry Skin With a Paraben and Fragrance Free Moisturizer

Autumn is here and winter is coming. As the days are getting inevitably and depending on who you ask, regrettably colder you may be faced with a few associated and possibly recurring problems. We’re talking about dry skin, chapped Lips, frizzy hair, and the list goes on.

If you’re like us you may end up purchasing some moisturizer to help your dry skin, some chapstick for your lips and conditioner for your hair. Because it just makes sense!

But! You face these problems:

  • Not too long after you apply your new moisturizer, you find that it leaves you with a rash.
  • You may have learned that many moisturizers contain parabens, which may cause cancer.
  • Or your moisturizer works fine, but it has a very intense fragrance.

So what are your options? It might make the most sense to switch to a hypoallergenic, paraben free, fragrance free moisturizer. But where could you find one? Well, look no further!

We have a Paraben free and Fragrance free solution!

Our Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer and Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer Swipes are paraben free and fragrance free products.

Both of these products are compact, so you can conveniently carry them in your purse, or pocket. They are also leak-proof. Especially the Swipes, which enclose the moisturizer so you can simply Swipe it onto your dry skin.

The products themselves reduce the appearance of wrinkles and inhibit collagen breakdown. They also have Vitamin C to prevent melanin synthesis and skin discoloration. If you want to learn more about the natural ingredients we use, click here...

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Get a Grip. 10 Sports Where You Should Use Non-Greasy Sunscreen Swipes.

Non-Greasy Sunscreen

Is Sunscreen keeping you from performing your best?

Other sunscreen products are bulky, burn your eyes, stain your clothes, cause acne or leave with you with annoying Sunscreen Grease Fingers.

Of course, our customers enjoy using our Sunscreen Swipes to help them prevent a sunburn without the hassles of other sunscreen products; plus, the Swipes are compact, lightweight, and rub on easily.

Do Sunscreens leave you with a rash? Our products are Methylisothiazolinone free. Often contained in sunscreens, this synthetic biocide is known to cause rashes.

You don't even have to get your hands dirty while applying sunscreen with the Swipes.

Here are 10 Sports where our Sunscreen Swipes can help you stay on top of your game.

        1. Golf: Check your Grip. Here is an Article from Golf Magazine about our product.
        1. Tennis: Grip the Racket right. 
        1. Baseball: No gloves? No problem.
        1. Rugby & Football: Your team needs you. Don’t fail them with Sunscreen Grease Fingers.
        1. Climbing: Because your life depends on having a great grip.
        1. Biking: Don't slip. Maintain your Grip.
        1. Surfing: Don't look like a barney when taking the drop. 
        1. Hiking: Travel light. This is how you do it right.
        1. Running: Save space. Keep your pace. Here is an Article from Fitness Magazine about our product and its added convenience during a race.
        1. Basketball: Overcome Sunscreen Grease Fingers. Dribble your way to victory.

How have our Sunscreen Swipes helped you? We would love to hear your story in an email.

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3 Exciting Ways Exercise Will Change in the Next 20 years to Help Make People Healthier

Every year, millions try to craft a New Year’s Resolution that will help them escape their unhealthy eating or poor exercise habits. They make great progress for a month, maybe two.

Then they either give up or lose interest in fulfilling the contract that they made with themselves to change.

You may understand this disappointing defeat. Millions of others just like you have also experienced it.

But times are changing, most importantly, Technology is changing, and the nature of exercise and self-control is changing along with it. Every year brilliant women and men invent mind-bending technologies we never thought were possible.

Those same Technologies offer the promise of saving people from bad exercise habits and lead them into having a fit, healthy lifestyle.

Some of these technologies currently exist in their infancy, and if so we will provide links so you can try them for yourself.


Wearables include Fitness Trackers like the Fitbit, or Basis, or the Apple Watch, and Android Wear. While many people think these are temporary fads, but studies show that activity trackers are here to stay”.

20 years from now expect activity trackers/smart-watches to integrate more accurate monitoring of steps, BPM, blood pressure, perspiration and sleep.  

They will have more of an aesthetic appeal, compatibility with other software, phones, and GPS capabilities while being affordable, and compact.

The data they track will be more exact, integrated with several applications, and many companies may try to include a “coach” that can encourage you with your progress.

Imagine someone getting really injured or extremely dehydrated on a jog, and emergency responders can be contacted via an alert through their activity tracker.

These will help collect the accurate data needed to make right decisions about how you exercise, when you exercise, which exercise works best, what you should eat, when you should eat, etc.


    Virtual Reality is expected to be a 15 billion dollar industry by the year 2020.

    Despite its impressive growth, all of its capabilities are yet to be realized. However, some companies are taking advantage of the VR revolution and are creating VR Biking, VR Running, and of course VR Gaming.

    Let’s face it, for most people, 
    exercise is really really boring.

    If you have ran in a 5k, Half-Marathon, or Marathon you have experienced the rush that has helped propel you. Why? Because running became fun, it is now a competition, it isn’t a boring run all by yourself.

    Running in the woods is also really fun.

    With VR, you can go to places you have never been: you can bike in the Alps, run from zombies, and hike through the amazon.

    While it may not be as enjoyable as the real thing(except zombies), it is certainly more affordable than traveling and really biking in the alps, or some other magnificent location, like Kauai.

    Yes, it looks silly. Right now at least. But it doesn’t matter if you are biking in Italy.

    How will this make you healthier? You would actually want to bike, hike, and run because you are actually having fun during your 30-60 minute exercise session.

    What VR will hopefully implement at some point, is the ability to do all of these activities with those around you.

    3. DATA

    Probably the most exciting advancement that is really making progress right now.

    It scares many people, of course, that a large amount of data could be collected about them, and stored away on some server that they have no real control over.  

    However, 55% of people do not expect their personal information to be private online. This is expected to grow as more people are influenced by technology.

    We can expect a lot of dramatic lifestyle improvements once we are able to utilize data more often to track and “optimize” our lifestyles.

    We should have more connectivity between applications. For instance, one helpful integration you can do today: you can track your run in an App like Runkeeper[link], which connects directly to MyFitnessPal.

    Among many other things, MyfitnessPal tracks your calories, so if you go out for a run, RunKeeper will push the calories burned during that run into MyFitnessPal so you would have extra calories that you could “consume” budgeted within MyFitnessPal.

    If you can connect the data between the Activity Tracker, a WiFi Scale, and track your calories, you could make better decisions about what you eat, and when you eat.

    Or better yet, you could have a coach/algorithm review the data so they can tell you what you should stop eating, or what is okay to eat, and when.

    In the future, you could also monitor your best performance during exercise and be informed of the best time to exercise, so you can break through your plateaus.

    Everyone’s body is different. Tracking data between all of these apps, and technologies allows you to get a better gauge on what really works with your body.

    Finally at some point all of this data could be connected to your doctor, or even an automated system that could determine if you are sick because there is a dramatic difference in your body chemistry due to a slight alteration in your heart rate, perspiration, and sleep patterns.  

    Data, VR, and Wearables will revolutionize how everyone experiences exercise. Because of VR it will no longer be boring drudgery. Using wearables, you can collect the accurate data you need to optimize your exercise plans.

    Perhaps the hardest parts of exercise will be resolved, but you don’t need to wait 20 years for the most accurate data.

    You can start today:

    Buy a Fitbit, Wifi enabled Scale, download Runkeeper, and MyfitnessPal. Track your data. Optimize. Don’t rush it, but slowly make progress.  

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    Trying to Plan a Great Vacation?

    (Don't Forget Sunscreen)

    Boulder Flat Irons

    The Flatirons: Boulder, CO  

    Islands in Norway

    Lofoten Islands, Norway

    The Grand Tetons in Wyoming

    The Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, WY

    The Maroon Bells in Aspen

    The Maroon Bells, Aspen CO.

    Yosemite National Park

    Yosemite National Park, CA

    Redwoods of Yosemite

    The Redwoods of Yosemite National Park, CA

    Norway, Claws of the Dragon

    Senja, Norway

    Matterhorn Switzerland



    The Matterhorn, Switzerland/Italy

    Arches National Park, Utah

    Arches National Park, UT

    Steptoe Butte State Park, Washington

    Steptoe Butte State Park, WA


    Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland

    Iceland waterfall


    The Dictator of Iceland

    The Dictator, Icelandic Highlands

    Nordaustlandet, Svalbard, Norway

    Kayaking in the Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon

    Hiking in the grand canyon

    Also...The Grand Canyon

    Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Hiking

    Mount Fitz Roy, Patagonia

    The Dolomites of Italy

    The Dolomites, Italy

    Kauai, Hawaii

    The Best Place on Earth: Kauai, HI

    (We are working on getting links so you can download these images individually)


      What to Wear Hiking: The Adventuress Style Guide

      Humanity often encounters the wild on brief nature walks, but humanity does not often peer beyond the veneer and into the real depths of the wild. To get there, to move across and step out into the true wild, to begin a real adventure, you need to be prepared. After all, we are talking about the wilderness, and it is not looking out for you. It operates by its own laws regardless of your ambitions, hopes, and dreams.

      There are many things that you need to do in order to prepare for your adventure. One of those of course, is determining what clothes you will wear. Women often take what they feel might be the most attractive clothing, or the most comfortable, but what is most comfortable and pretty may not be the most functional or protective.

      Thankfully many outdoor clothiers are beginning to manufacture outdoor clothing that is not only functional but pretty, and comfortable.

      Someone on a nature walk wears normal clothing however, someone on an adventure wears the right clothes to prepare them for that adventure. Women have a difficult time finding hiking clothes that are durable, affordable, functional, flattering, comfortable, and have the right fit.

      Yet perhaps the one of the most important elements of a comfortable hike is the clothing that you are wearing. From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, a thoughtful examination of what you will be wearing on your next adventure can guarantee a comfortable one. 

      To help inspire you we have put together a thoughtful list for each portion of the body that should help the Adventuress find the ideal clothing for a comfortable, and flattering summer or fall hike. 

      The Hiking Outfit Curated for an Adventuress

      Head – Hiking Hats and Hairstyles for the Adventuress

      3 Beautiful Hiking Hairstyles

      You may battle with heat and a lot annoying hair. Here are 3 hiking hairstyles that you can do to help keep you hair out of your face, stay cool, and be fantastic! 
      Hiking Hairstyles Hiking Hairdo

      3 Cute Hats for the Adventuress

      If men’s hats are not for you and you want a cute hat that fits you, take a look at Here are 3 hats from them:

      Adventuress Trucker Cap

      Adventuress Helga Cap

      Adventuress Dara Cap

      Torso – 3 Practical & Pretty Hiking Shirts

      The typical women’s shirt you will find at the store is not meant for hiking.  Unless you go to a store with athletic or outdoor wear, you will most likely not find the clothes you should be wearing on an adventure. 

      Picking the right shirt

      There are several aspects that are part of determining what the right shirt to wear is. Fit, of course, being the most important, but keep in mind that you may be carrying a large pack with straps that go over your shoulders; if you want to pack lighter see our article here.

      Those straps will rub on everything, so even though a spaghetti strap shirt may sound cool, you can expect a very short hike thwarted by blisters on your shoulders. 

      While they may be attractive, or cool, shirts that are very open do not protect you from the environment. Here are three shirts, that are both attractive, and provide with an adequate amount of protection.

      3 Cute Shirts that fit, and offer protection from the environment   

      Adventuress Hiking Shirt Womens Hiking Outfit Smartwool Hiking Shirt

      Legs – Hiking Pants

      With the exception of your feet and perhaps your arms, your legs will be performing the most movement on the hike.

      Here are 3 options to keep cool, and protected from the environment:
      The following Hiking Skirt, Hiking Pants, and Hiking Capris have been recommended by Kristin Hostetter in the most recent issue of Backpacker Magazine.
      Hiking Skirt Hiking Pants for Women

      Feet – Hiking Shoes and Socks

      Your feet will be your greatest strength or your greatest weakness. Having the right shoes, and socks will revolutionize hour hike.


      If you are headed off on a short hike, you might only need a good hiking shoe with the right waterproofing, grip, and support. For instance, the Salomon Ellipse GTX Women’s Hiking Shoe has these features and was highly rated: 

       hiking shoes for women


      However, if you are headed off on a long distance hike you may need more support, insulation, protection, and waterproofing like the Salomon X Ultra Mid II GTX Hiking Shoe:

      Backpacking shoe for women


      First and foremost, we recommended that you carry extra pairs of socks. And extra pairs for your extra pairs. We found that if you change socks when your feet begin getting sore, it can help prevent blisters, plus fresh socks during a hike feels marvelous.

      Generally, what is causing a blister is not your sock, but it is a wet sock that creates extra friction.
      You can be prepared for this by carrying extra pairs of the socks below, and investing $2-$3 in sock liners. 
      Hiking Socks Socks for women hiking
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      How to Get Rid of a Sunburn: 10 Things You Can Do

      How to get rid of a sunburn

      Don't let the sun scare you out of going to the beach.

      Almost everyone will get a sunburn at some point in their life. Luckily as we age it becomes easier to endure the resulting burning sensation. Sometimes though the burn may be annoying enough to ruin a day or two after an otherwise great vacation.

      Do you want to know how to get rid of your sunburn?

      While a little makeup might be able to help a sunburn look better the simple answer is:

      It may take a some time to "get rid" of your sunburn. Sadly, there isn't a way yet to apply a magical cosmetic to your skin and wipe away the sunburn.

      Sunburns fall into three categories First Degree Burns, Second Degree Burns, and Third Degree Burns. The sun can burn you in the same way that a fire burns your skin. "Wiping off" a sunburn would entail wiping off the skin tissue that is burnt.

      To help speed up the skin tissues healing process, and endure the pain, we have 10 solutions that will help you deal with the side effects of having a good time at the beach.

      1. Pain relievers

      The burning sensation and the pain from the burn can be partially alleviated by Pain relievers such as Aspirin, Tylenol, and Advil.

      2. Hydrocortisone

      A topical, Over the counter drug. Applying a 1% hydrocortisone cream to the affected portion of the skin, can help alleviate some of the burning sensation caused by the sunburn.

      3. Aloe Vera

      The common "goto" for sunburn victims: Aloe Vera. The Skin Care products that we sell below contain Aloe Vera, and for a good reason-It works!

      Facial Wipes 

      Find out if you are allergic to Aloe Vera first. On a recent vacation in Kauai a friend of ours discovered he was allergic to Aloe Vera. His legs began to show signs of inflammation, and assuming that it was caused by the sunburn, he applied even more Aloe Vera. Thankfully a trip to the hospital wasn't required. This might be because Kauai is such an incredible destination.

      4. Cooling Lotions Anti-Redness creams

      Aloe vera isn't the only thing that can cool off your burnt skin. Don't count out cooling Menthol lotions or Redness reducing creams. However use them in moderation: use it too often and you could dry out the affected area.

      Menthol is the natural extract from a mint plant.

      5. Oatmeal Bath

      Recommended by several sources, Oatmeal baths can help temper the burn on your skin, and aid your skin in the healing process. Studies show that the avenanthramides and phenols, chemicals contained in oatmeal, have anti-inflammatory properties. See the research here... 

      6. Vinegar Cider

      No, it is not an old wives tell, yes Vinegar Cider can temper the burning sensation of a sunburn. It is recommended that you dilute the Vinegar Cider, usually in a bath, maybe even in an Oatmeal Bath1 

      7. Cool compress

      A pretty simple solution to reduce the burn, a cool compress can help your skin feel a lot better. Don't use cold water, but rather a "cool" water compress is what we are looking for. You can find more information on doing this here... 

      Instead of water, cool milk is often recommended as an alternative.

      8. Topical Application of Food

      Grind a cucumber down into a paste. It can give a cool and soothing effect if applied on Sunburned Skin. Cucumber contains healthy nutrients including Vitamin A and C, folate, manganese, silica, sulfur etc. It also has healing properties caused by a high concentration of antioxidant and analgesic agents.

      Coconut Oil
      Coconut Oil can be used as a sunblock and it can heal sunburned patches of skin. Lauric acid, a major component of the oil, promotes the healing of sunburns.

      Live cultured yogurt
      The yogurt should be plain, not flavored, and it should also contain probiotics. The probiotics and enzymes are helpful in healing skin. It can aid in the recovery of pain and redness from burns.

      9. Witch Hazel

      Witch Hazel has been used topically to treat burns, skin irritation, and sunburns. Studies have shown that Witch Hazel counters the effects of UVA and its harmful anti-free radical activity. You can experience the cleaning and soothing properties of Witch Hazel with our Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes.

      10. Prevention

      "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
      - Benjamin Franklin(a regular user of Oatmeal Baths)

      Yes, a quote from the 1700's is applicable.

      Use Sunscreen

      The best way to prevent a by using sunscreen. Anything over SPF 15 should work. Reapply every thirty minutes or as directed by the sunscreen bottle.

      Simple, but learning about Prevention is most likely not the reason you are here reading this article

      Don't like the mess or lugging around an annoying sunscreen bottle?

      We have a natural compact wipe on sunscreen that you can easily carry in your pocket. 

      11. Rose Hip Oil(Extra)

      Containing essential fatty acids, Rose Hip Oil is an intensive moisturizer that can replenish dry skin, without over-treating non-dry skin. It can help soothe sunburns, and reduce the visibility of scars.

      Our Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer contains Rose Hip Oil

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      1. 10 Home Remedies for Sunburn Treatment


      3 Things That You Can Do to Make Your next Vacation Better

      Every day we go about our routines. We have tasks that need to be performed, completed, over and over again. A vacation for most, especially if we are traveling is a means to take us out of that monotony and provide us with some well-needed rest. It is a brief moment of time that allows us to relax, free our minds, and really give us the "breath of fresh air" that we need to return to work with more vigor.

      Here is a small guide to help make your next vacation better. We hope to create the foundation you need to help plan your next trip. Each section has a small subsection with a helpful link, or app that you can use to help you move one step closer to your vacation. 

      Plan Ahead


      Decide where you want to go. First and foremost before you decide to travel you must have an idea of where you want to travel to.

      It may not be a very concise location, and it may be as simple as, "I want to go on a vacation". However traveling, just like any other activity requires a creating a goal and a plan that you can work towards. You don't want to get on a plane and just go anywhere. You want to go somewhere, ideally somewhere better than where you are.


      So, to get yourself started on the right foot, determine exactly what place is better than where you are? Where have you dreamed about visiting? What have you wanted to see with your very own eyes? Once you know you now have a goal to work towards and you can begin defining your plan to not only accomplish that goal of traveling but to also enjoy the trip while you are there.

      Okay, I'm ready:

      Now that you have decided where you want to go, you have to determine how long you want to be there. Everyone has responsibilities that they must attend to prior to traveling. For instance you may have a job, bills, family, a house, etc that you need to take care of on a daily basis.

      You need to determine how long you will be on vacation, and make the reasonable accommodations required so that these responsibilities are appropriately taken care of. Unless you are planning to travel indefinitely you will have to return to your normal life at some point, it is best if you return to it in working order.

      You might be interested in our Skin Care To-Go Kit recommend by Fox News.

      What will you do on your trip?

      Another part of determining how long you are going to be somewhere is determining what you are going to do while you are there.

      Some people prefer that everything is planned out prior to leaving, others, however, prefer to have the freedom to do what they want. Some prefer not to do anything. Those that do not plan what they are going to do argue that traveling is not about having a schedule, rather it is about having freedom from a schedule. Either way it is good to know what you can do while you are on vacation. This tends to be more important if you are going on a trip with others.

      You don't need to schedule anything, but a having good idea of what you can do can help. Prior to leaving you can accomplish this through various means such as reading a book, or searching on Google. While you are on your trip you can consult with a local travel agency, or you can find things to do just by driving around town. Many people would recommend consulting with a local travel agency as the information they have about the things you can do are not always available online or in books because they may not have the ability to do either.

      "Most local travel agencies do not have the resources to publish books or run a website about the activities you can do while you are visiting their country, so they are great resources to find special unknown activities"
      There is a great mobile phone app called Taylor that can help you find food, people nearby, a place to stay and activities if you are traveling.

      Pamper yourself

      Whether you are out hiking all day, or binge watching your favorite Television show, travelling gives you the ability to pamper yourself, either for travelings sake, or by removing you from the day to day monotony of a normal life.

      While you are on your, trip take time, as much time as you can, to do the things you want to do, and not the things you have to do.

      "Pampering" doesn't have to mean that you sleep all day. While on vacation pampering yourself really can include doing anything that you don't normally have the opportunity of doing.

      There are activities that you can do locally, such as shopping, going to a spa, getting a massage, or eating out and meeting people. If you travel to a foreign country, there are really unique items that you can find while shopping, or there are unique people that you can build new friendships with.

      These activities remove you from the work-life balance "mindset" leaving you with an "I'm living" mindset. This new mindset is the most recognizable when you return from your vacation, disappointed that you have to get back into a balanced work-life mindset.

      If you either want to pamper yourself by enjoying the local culture, or if you want to pamper yourself without having to leave your room, be sure to find a great room with amenities while you are planning. Many travelers recommend finding a room with a large bathtub to soak in, a good TV for movies, and a great bed.

      Of course no trip is complete without some time at the beach, some would even go so far as to argue that no trip is a good trip without spending ALL your time at the beach. We won't argue either way but if you are going to the beach: Rebekah George on the HLN Network did a great feature on how to glam up your day at the beach, which you can find here.

      Be at Home

      Traveling is more than an activity that you do, it is a mindset that you have.

      We all have our idea of what the ideal trip is, for some it is going on some great adventure, for others it is about meeting new people, or staying in bed the entire time. What makes traveling so alluring is the mindset of travel. You may create a schedule for yourself, but since it is not your work schedule, you enjoy the things you do, on the other hand, you may not have a schedule and you prefer to remain in your room.

      As a catalyst to put yourself in that "travel" or "I'm living" mindset, make yourself at home. Unpack your suitcase, put your items in the drawers, set your things in their place, almost as though you were moving into a new home. Even if it is a short stay, make yourself at home

      Finally, if you are the adventuring type immerse yourself in the culture. Use Taylor to help you find something to do, or meet a new friend. Get photos, and if you keep a diary record your day. Find the best restaurants, the best beach, the best hike, the best attractions. By seeing and doing the best things while travelling, you can really enjoy traveling for what it is.

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      Beginners Guide to The Art of Hiking

      "On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it." - Jules Renard

      "I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order." - John Burroughs

      While it may sound like an oxymoron, there are very few activities as refreshing as a hike out in the wilderness. Certainly a hike may be exhausting, but the sheer impression left by nature on us reminds us that despite our hectic world, there is a calming harmony in nature.

      Nature with its sights, sounds and smells often calls the hiker to its deep forests, and high peaks. Whether you are aspiring to go on a long or short hike there is one major precaution that you should consider first. Your skin.

      Despite the extremes we encounter in Mother Nature there is a thin layer of skin between us and the outside world. At Adventuress we have put together a small guide to help you protect your skin, and try to ensure a comfortable hike. First, let’s look at the fundamentals concerning how to decide what products to pack when you are hiking.

      Ten General Essentials1

      Be sure to always take these with you even on short day hikes as a precaution. On a routine Day Hike you may not need a twenty pound backpack but be sure to include these items in some measure. The items on this list are only the essentials, feel free to take any additional items with you that will help you enjoy the hike.

          1. Navigation (map and compass)
          2. Adventuress Skin protection(Sunscreen)
          3. Insulation (extra clothing)
          4. Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)
          5. First-aid supplies
          6. Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candles)
          7. Repair kit and tools
          8. Nutrition (extra food)
          9. Hydration (extra water)
          10. Emergency shelter

      Be Lightweight to Enjoy Your Hike

      When you are trying to decide what to pack, contemplate the amount of weight that you would be comfortable carrying. There will be rocks, streams, up-hills, and downhills that you must navigate through, while managing your gear. Initially when you start the hike you may not care about the weight, but after mile seventeen, you will certainly notice it.  

      “The lighter the pack, the more enjoyable the journey” is the mantra of many seasoned hikers.

      Here are 6 ways to get your pack lighter2:

      1. Reduce each item's weight. Modify items to reduce superfluous weight, replace items that were manufactured using heavy materials with items made from lighter ones, or exchange fully featured items for minimalist (and therefore lighter) items.3
      2. Weigh everything. First weigh every item and record its weight. Only with precise before and after weights can one optimize total backpack weight.
      3. Share gear with the others joining you on the hike. For example, four people sleep in a four-person tent, one stove for 2-4 people, etc.
      4. Swap gear for skills through reading and practice. The greater one's skills in using the environment and gear, the fewer tools you will need to carry. For example, by knowing where you can get water on the hike, you don’t need to carry as much.
      5. Lighten your feet. Hiking shoes are cheaper and lighter than hiking boots. Hiking shoes have also evolved to be a lot more useful on long distance hikes.
      6. Multi-purpose. Try to find items that work well for different tasks, for example a poncho can be used as a tent, hiking poles can be used as tent poles, wool socks(dry) can be used as mittens, etc.

      Water will be the heaviest item you carry. However if you take advantage of compact water bladders like the Camelbak you can efficiently carry more water without as much concern for weight. This brings us to the next Fundamental.

      Think Compact to be More Lightweight

      An important part of setting up your backpack involves taking into account the 10 essentials and if any of them are heavy cumbersome things, you need to consider what makes it essential. By knowing what makes it essential, you can take the fundamentals of why it is essential and find a more lightweight, compact replacement. For example-water bladders.

      Another good example is sunscreen. Sunscreen is a liquid that often comes in a mid-large sized container. Liquids are often heavy, and the container might take up a considerable amount of space. What makes sunscreen fundamentally important? It prevents sunburns. What is a more lightweight, and compact replacement? Adventuress has Sunscreen Swipes that weigh .10 Ounces a piece. As a plus they are thin, therefore they will not take up any space in your pack.

      The non-essential items that you want to bring should also go through the same process. Whatever you decide to pack, whether it is essential or not, think compact.

      Packing compact also helps you dispose of items without taking up additional space for trash. Which leads us to the next fundamental. 

      Leave No Trace to Protect the Environment 

      We do not advocate littering. Preserve the forest because the forest helps to preserve us.  Take care of it, because it takes care of you. When you have trash to dispose of, you have to repack that trash. Therefore items should be “easy” to dispose of. When we say “easy to dispose of”, any trash that you have shouldn’t take up more space, but rather it should ideally take up less space. Items that are easy to dispose of, either take up less space, or they weigh less after use. 

      Be Odorless to Prevent Attracting Bears

      While hiking the skin product you use, should also be odorless. The reasons why may be obvious. Nature in and of itself has subtle enjoyable smells, there are no a lot of people that want to smell "Wild Tangerine" when they are out trying to enjoy nature. Bears also are especially susceptible to smells, and according to reports lotions or perfumes may attract them in the same way as food4

      If you want to bring lotion, or other skin care products on the hike our products are odorless.

      Be Water Resistant to Prevent Hypothermia

      Water can ruin a hike real fast, just refer to essential number 3. Often hikers pack a poncho to keep from getting wet, and they pack extra socks, clothes, etc. to replace wet clothing with dry clothing. The reason being that water creates friction, and it can cause disorientation, or possibly hypothermia. While it does feel good to cool off in a rainstorm, lake, or waterfall you may encounter colder weather further along the hike. If you want to enjoy these things an extra change of clothing is not only recommended, but essential.

      Not to mention you will most likely sweat throughout the entire hike. Having water resistant clothing will help protect you from the repercussions of friction caused by water. Similarly using skin care products that are water resistant will help prevent redundant re-applications of that product.

      Some Solutions to Protect The Hikers Skin

      There is a thin layer of skin between us and the outside world and we should try to nurture it on every adventure. Now that we have gone over the fundamentals of how and what to pack on a hike.

      We will briefly go over some solutions to protect the hikers skin. 

      Nature impacts your skin in the following ways:

      • The Sun
      • The Dirt
      • Friction
      • Bug Bites

      The Sun

        Hikes are long physical activities where you are often exposed to the sun at high elevations. A sunburn is usually guaranteed. Keeping with our packing fundamentals earlier, to help prevent sunburns, take a lightweight sunscreen that is not messy, it is easy to use, compact, and is waterproof. For example our YouVee’s Sunscreen Swipes, are compact, lightweight, and don’t have the mess normally associated with bottled sunscreen.

        Other than sunscreen it is recommended that you cover up with a hat, pants rather than shorts, and a long sleeve shirt, but the heat often makes this really difficult. There are clothes that are meant for hiking however that are more breathable, and include moisture wicking to keep you dry. Clothes will also help protect your skin from the final three conditions that can impact your skin.

        Our Sunscreen Swipes were featured in Fitness Magazine.

        The Dirt

          Dirt, or mud, getting either of these or both on your legs, arms, and face is normal when you are hiking. While you may be miles away from a shower Adventuress has Refreshing Facial Wipes that will help you keep clean and refreshed while on your hike.

          Again sticking with our fundamentals, while facial wipes are not on the 10 essential list, our wipes are lightweight, compact, and easy to dispose of.

          Our Refreshing Facial Wipes were featured in Cosmopolitan


            Repeated motions while you are hiking, especially on the bottom of your feet can create blisters, which are caused by the friction between your foot and shoe. To have a comfortable hike and prevent blisters on your feet, we recommend that you bring a few pairs of socks as the sweat from your feet will often make the inside of your socks wet, resulting in additional friction. Hence why there are also moisture wicking socks that will help prevent your foot from becoming too wet, by “wicking” the sweat.

            There is nothing like a new change of socks in the middle of a hike either. 

            Sock liners can also help reduce friction. Sock liners are meant to be an extra layer between your foot and your sock. They are generally made out of silk, which is especially known for its lack of friction. Since they are nearly weightless, and they are really compact we recommend them.

            Bug Bites

              Nearly left out of this list, bug bites are really annoying. There are a few of ways to prevent bug bites. So far the most successful one that we have experienced is DEET specifically Ben’s DEET, recognizable by the Porsche red spray bottle. Wearing long-sleeved clothing is also a great way to prevent excessive bug bites. Since you can buy a small bottle of Maximum Strength Ben’s DEET that is lightweight and compact, we really recommend adding it to your pack as well.

              Hiking is fun

              Hiking certainly does sound like an oxymoron based on preceding information, however the solutions mentioned above are to help you prevent the things that often ruin a refreshing hiking experience. Adventuress cares about protecting your skin, so blisters, sweat, and sunburns don’t ruin your week and your adventure.

              Get out and be an Adventuress - Be sure to share your story with us! 

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